Muslim family distributes free ice-creams at vigil of Afzaal family

The tragedy of Pakistani-Candian Afzaal family has shaken anyone with an empathic soul, some are still in disbelief how a person can be driven evil to the point of committing such calculated, cold-hearted, vicious act. Hate really is a toxin that destroys all rational thinking.

That being said, wherever the evil has its presence, there is always good undoing the damage caused by it. Thousands of people in London, Ontario, of all colours & faiths, came out together with outpouring support, attending the vigil held for slain family in scorching summer heat.

Citizens attending vigil en-masse

Vigil attendees (2)

A Muslim family of Mr. Abdul Hamid arranged an ice-cream truck to give away free ice-creams to all the attendees for combating hot weather. He had a sign displayed on his van, which read, “Free Ice Cream From Our Muslim Family to Yours”. This heartfelt act of kindness won the respect of other Canadians, one such person uploaded the picture on social media & thanked Mr. Abdul Hamid and his family. It got hugely positive responses from Canadian nationals all over the country, giving the post 6 thousand likes in just 6 hours, the user engagement is still in continuation.

Social media post by Mr. David thanking Abdul Hamid family

Mr. Hamid, in accordance with Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) teaching has proven that violence is never the answer, only with kindness can we change how others see us. If only the Muslims all around the world adopt this approach, it would turn the hearts of those who hate us unjustly.

We’d not retaliate violence with violence, we’ll be kind & change your hearts instead



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