My favourite story from Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w

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My Favorite Story From The Life OF Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the last among all prophets of Allah. Prophet Muhammad PBUH, The founder of Islam, Was born in 571 Ad at Mecca on Monday. he was the kindest generous, and Nobel person. although there are so many impactable stories and life events that appear from his life, one of my favorite stories is The conquest of Makkah.
This event occurs in the 8 AH. In 628, the Muslims in Madinah and The Meccans had signed an agreement known as the Treaty Of Hudabiyyah according to this agreement The Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the Muslims of Madinah was allowed to visit Makkah and perform their Umrah and stay in Makkah for three days, on the other hand, the Arab tribes were given an option of Joining Muslims or Quraysh, as a result, Banu Bakar joined Quraysh and Banu Khuza’a joined Muslims.
In 630 the truce was broken when Banu Bakar attacked Banu Khuza’a and Quraysh took advantage of it and helped Banu Bakar. As a result, The Muslims gathered for the final settlement of Makkah. On October 10, Ramadan 8 AH Muslims set out for Makkah with 10,000 largest Muslim force this 200 miles journey to Marr-uz-Zahran which was located ten miles northwest of Mecca took seven days as Mecca lies in the valley of Ibrahim surrounded by rugged hills there were 4 routes of entrance through hills.
Prophet Muhammad PBUH divides the Muslim army into 4 groups so that they enter the mecca from every side. Prophet Muhammad was present in the group which was on the main route to mecca in the command of Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah. from the southwest side Prophets’ cousin Zubayr ibn al-Awam commanded the 2nd group, the 3rd group was in the leadership of Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib from the south, and the last group was in the command of Khalid ibn al-Walid. prophet Muhammad prominence to not attack until Quraysh attacks. Muslims entered mecca on 18 Ramadan 8 AH the entry was peaceful from 3 sides except for Khalid ibn al-Walid’s group where anti-Muslims like Ikrimah and Sufwan gathered a band of Quraysh fighters and attacked Khalid’s group but after losing 12 people they left the ground.
on the opening of Mecca Abu Sufyan, the chief of the Quraysh embraced Islam. prophet Muhammad visited Kaaba and broke all the idols and Prophet Muhammad recited this verse from Quran “the Truth has come and falsehood has gone” and he forgives everyone who was against him.strong text


My favourite story from the life of our beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad SAW is a very short, yet meaningful story which has a beautiful moral for all of us.

Once, the Holy Prophet SAW was sitting with his fellows ( Sahaba RA) in a gathering that a man came there. He said that I came from very far for the love of Hazrat Muhammad SAW, so I brought a little present for him. The present was a basket of melons. Hazrat Muhammad SAW thanked him and started eating them. He ate one melon then second then third and ate all of them. When that person went back, people started asking that why did Prophet SAW do such a thing? He was sitting in a gathering and didn’t offer one to anyone, why?
Hazrat Muhammad SAW replied to their query in a beautiful manner. He said,

“When I ate the first melon it was insipid (tasteless), then I ate the second then third, all were same. If I had given any of it to you all then there is a chance that anyone of you would say it that these are tasteless, and that would hurt that person. He brought a gift for me from far away, how could I break his heart or let anyone else do it?”

I must say and ask that today, how many of us think this before saying anything. We never know how much our words would hurt anyone and how long-lasting their impact would be. This story is my favourite because it teaches us to BE POLITE, BE HUMBLE and THINK BEFORE SAYING !


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Indeed He was the greatest man who has not hurt anyone… :heart:
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which one is your favorite story?
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which one is your favorite story?
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Indeed indeed ! All stories from his life are really beautiful but obviously favourite can be only few. JazakAllah, keep supporting. :heart:

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