My pen bleeds for dying humanity

My writings shed tears for dying humanity

My silence screams for kindness

My pen bleeds for love


According to Google, the definition of humanity is the quality of being humane; the kind feelings, dispositions, and sympathies of man; especially, a disposition to relieve persons or animals in distress, and to treat all creatures with kindness and tenderness.


We all know that humans are superior among all creatures, because ALLAH (SWT) has honoured us with numerous special abilities and gifts.

Like we having a unique and tremendous nervous system, our physical abilities, our languages, the way we interact and communicate with each other, the way we help our fellow brothers, the way we handle and react to different situations.

We have turned life into civilization.

We are also blessed with feelings like: love, care, mercy, generosity and sympathy. But at the same time we humans are born equal under different religions.

No one is superior just because of their race and sects. Having different skin colour doesn’t make us greater than others. Same as having some specific high status doesn’t make someone more human and others less.

Despite all our qualities,

why are we moving towards the end of humanity?

Is it due to the lack of religious and spiritual beliefs?

Lack of knowledge, ignorance?

Why has greed and selfishness increased alarmingly?

Since when being materialistic has become…

mandatory for us?

We categorize our relationships according to the status they hold in our society.

Kindness isn’t considered as a kind gesture anymore. We do love and care, but only for our own interests. We treat others who “we consider are respectable” in a respectful way.

Men with prestige and money are only considered humans while the rest don’t even deserve to be a part of this big blue marble.

Our desires and pride have blinded us.

We just follow the ways that lead to our advantage

People with familiar faces, we show them our backs

Because we are blind humankind

Lively daybreak lights make us feel that we’re not alone

Yet, when darkness wins, we become acquainted with the truth:

That we are blind humankind

Even when we are only one step away, closer enough to touch

The profundities of our warmth

Our spirits worn out and we get to realize that

We are blind humankind

Humanity is being kind. Humans have been given this gift. We are not better or worse than anyone, but our actions are.

It is us who are sabotaging and it would be us who still can save humanity.

Be thoughtful and generous enough since everyone is enduring some agony of their own

Be somewhat more human as opposed to a modern device.

Kindness is the core of real beauty

It is the scent of your character

That illuminates your soul

And nourishes your roots



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Distrust in humanity has engulfed us all. Despite having compassion and humane feelings we can’t get to anyone because we fear the next person might be a bad person.

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