NADRA gives women choice to decide whether to change their surname after marriage or not. A revolutionary step towards women's empowerment

NADRA logo. Photo: Facebook/nadramedia

A major step has been taken by the national database and registration authority NADRA
for women’s empowerment in Pakistan. That allows women whether to mention their husband’s name in their computerized national identity cards CNIC or may continue with their father’s name. NADRA now allows women to retain their father’s name on the post-marriage updated CNIC, instead of always changing it to husband’s name.

On Friday, NADRA chairman Tariq Malik announced the change in the policy, at the 14th Annual Rural Women Conference. He said the new policy will enable women to choose whether to replace their father’s name after marriage or not.

He emphasized that CNIC is not just a plastic card. It protects women’s fundamental constitutional rights and empowers them to take benefits from government policies.


According to the new policy, the marital status would be updated in documents but women by choice now can continue keeping their father’s or husband’s name on CNIC. It’s their choice now. Not a compulsion. In this way, it empowers women to make decisions in their lives according to their choices.

A special department comprising women has been constructed for framing the policies for the registration of women with NADRA. This step on the one hand creates freedom of choice for women but on the other hand, creates a hindrance in any way while traveling abroad or while receiving B-form for their children from the government.

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Source: Geo News

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