Nation burns in anger as man guilty of stabbing a girl 23 times released before completing his sentence

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Shah Hussain, the son of a senior Lahore High Court lawyer, guilty of repeatedly stabbing his former lover and a law student, Khadija Siddiqui, for a total of 23 times, has been released from prison 1 and a half years before his scheduled release. The crime took place in May 2016, while he was convicted on 23rd January 2019. Technically it was a re-conviction, since Hussain was acquitted in June 2018 after being sentenced to seven-year prisontime an year before.

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From the very start, this case has been the see-saw between influential individuals going all in to save the perpetrator versus the victim and her loyal supporters, including famed social-working personalities like Jibran Nasir. The initial sentence of 7 years in captivity, which was laughably gentle for an attempted murder of such enormity, and shocked the legal experts and common man alike, was further reduced when 2 years were shaved off by a session court.

Extent of injuries sustained


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From innumerable challenges of death threats for pressurising into dropping the case, including grandiose cash offers, police trying their best to botch investigation by disregarding important evidence to mud-smearing campaign against victim’s character, presenting her as a ‘tawaif’ (whore), to convict’s father, Mr. Tanvir Hashmi using his connections and influence inside judiciary for protecting his son (‘slap on wrist’ type punishment of just 7 seven years and it’s softening to 5 years, then to 3.5 is allegedly a direct result of that). Khadija succeeded in getting justice for herself, even if it wasn’t justice in true sense.

Shah Hussain with his influential lawyer father
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A 3-year-long excruciating journey it took earlier for a battered soul to find some sort of solace after she literally went through hell, in spite of the fact masses were absolutely livid at law. Today isn’t any different, people are livid yet again, law is doing the law thing by parroting that the release was in accordance with law, while the prematurely uncaged beast sharpens its claws to dig them in next prey. Welcome to the jungle!


What can we expect. :confused:

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