Nicole Kidman's admits her daughters find quarantined self-isolation ‘difficult’

Nicole Kidman admits living in quarantine has been a whirlwind ride filled with “difficulty” for her daughters.

The actress touched upon her children’s struggles regarding being stuck at home, during an interview with Glamour UK.

She explained, “Our kids — because we travel, and we won’t be apart — are used to having to learn online, but the social distance has been very difficult for them. They are working through the emotions.”

“For a 12 year old, it’s about not being able to access friends easily — that’s a whole thing which every parent will be going through. And then, there’s a 9 year old, who’s socially forming. One of the hardest things is just watching them pine and yearn for their friends,” she added. “I pine and yearn for my friends too.”

To make things easier on the entire family, Kidman’s family decided to ask her sister to move in with her own clan. “My sister moved in to help me while I’m filming, and we have three of her younger kids — she has six — living with us. I love being around children and we’ve got five kids living with me now because Keith had to go back [to Nashville] to release his album. So,

She concluded her interview by admitting, “It’s just fun because I just find their perspective not so heavy. It puts you in a more childlike place where you go, ‘I can move through this and it can be fleeting. It doesn’t have to become a massive weight’.”