No Pakistani artist is allowed to work in India


In a recent interview with the Film Companion’s Anupama Chopra, actor Mahira Khan spoke honestly about her insight working with Indian colleagues and her fears associated with doing projects across the border. In a recent turn of events. Mahira spoke about how she had been offered many projects but decided not to take them up.

The Humsafar starlet said in the interview, “A lot of series were offered to me at that time. I don’t know if anybody will understand when I say this, but I was frightened. I was actually just appalled. It wasn’t about what people say, I was just like, ‘I don’t know if I want to go there. And there was some amazing content, and I didn’t want to miss out on it.”

Mahira Khan previously featured alongside Bollywood notable Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Raees. However, due to clambering tension, the actor was not allowed to attend promotional events for the film in India.


it is a shame tbh. the working and normal relations b/w two countries need normalcy

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Achi baat hai.

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That’s good

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That’s great . Asa he hna chahiye in k sb k sth.

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Good best howa bht bhagy bhagy jaty thy ye india ab lyn mazy

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Seriously :eyes::eyes: