No summer vacations for Punjab students if winter leaves given

If the government gives students winter vacations this year, we will have to reduce summer vacations to little or none, Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas told SAMAA TV on Friday.

“I’m not in favour of giving winter vacations. Schools have just reopened after six months,” the minister said.

Raas says he will push his views in the NCOC meeting that will decide the students’ fate on Monday. But ahead of this, he will chair a meeting with heads of 36 Punjab districts to get their input.

The schooling will, however, not stop in case educational institutions are closed due to rising coronavirus cases. Students will be taught online and given homework.

“They just won’t go to schools physically… Everything else will remain the same,” Raas said.

He had a request for parents too. “Khuda ka wasta (for God’s sake), if you are not sending children to schools, don’t take them to northern areas or shopping malls instead,” he said.

“Schools are following COVID-19 SOPs the most and everyone wants them closed [as soon as virus surges]. I will ask the NCOC to ban children from entering all recreational spots.”

Pakistan is currently under a second wave of COVID-19. On Thursday, 37 people died while 2,738 known cases were confirmed.

On the other hand, Sindh will decide the matter on Saturday.