'No vaccine, no love' - 110 guests and groom forcibly vaccinated in wedding raid

Health Department Punjab

In United States, a group called anti-vaxxers is a huge hindrance in the way of population’s immunisation against coronavirus and other contagious diseases, they believe the vaccines are laced with toxins that cause stunted growth, down syndrome, autism, genetic defects and whatnot. Needless to say, these beliefs have no static ground or any ground for that matter to stand upon, these beliefs are a virtue of improper scientific understanding.

While anti-vaxxers are most vocal in America, they keep presence everywhere, even at a 12 thousand kilometre distance from Uncle Sam’s land, here in Pakistan. We have 2 types (i) Hardcore anti-vaxxers, the ill-informed lot (ii) Softcore anti-vaxxers, who avoid vaccine shots because of their slackness. A second category specimen, Mazhar Abbas was countered yesterday in Jhang, who was about to get married and was in ready position, waiting for steady, go to leave for marriage venue when Punjab Health department crashed the party, delayed his departure. At his domain, they found it was way more than just one specimen they were dealing with, all guests in attendance, amounting to 110 fine anti-vaxxing specimens were there for celebrating unison of match made in heaven by spreading the deadly virus to others. What did the health officials do upon encountering the shockwave? What all heroes do!

Health Department Punjab

They administered the Covid jab on each and every single one of them. Dept. District Officer Health, Mr. Asim Raza Shah who headed the operation told an anonymous source informed them this unvaccinated man was going to amass a big gathering which is not permissible according to new law introduced post-pandemic, when we asked for certificates, no one could produce. Funny thing is wedding attendees were injected first dose, that takes 2-3 weeks to develop immunity which is still not significantly effective until after 7-14 days of second dose, so in short, gathering went ahead still unsecure as before. But in the long term, benefits would be accrued, that is a win for certain. Besides, it’s a rare instance of our departments prioritising their job than carrying it out as a favour to mankind and extraterrestrial life, this alone is commendable.

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