Noor Mukadam Case - What's taking so long?

The whole country is waiting on a decisive judgement to be issued by the Islamabad High Court with regard to the brutal murder of Noor Mukadam. People are looking to the court to not only deliver justice for the deceased but issue a landmark decision which would represent the degree fairness of the country’s judicial system and the amount of regard it holds for the safety of women across the country. We are now approaching the two month mark since the murder, and yet it seems that justice keeps on getting delayed.

Earlier this week, Noor’s family and friends, including her siblings, held a protest outside of Islamabad High Court to demand speedy justice and ask for denial of bail for the accomplices. Citizens all over Pakistan are showing increasing concerns over the delay in justice, specially considering that the whole case is an open book with clear guilty perpetrators.

Earlier this month netizens also expressed rage over the fact that murderer Zahir and his mother Asmat Adamjee have been receiving parlor services inside of jail, a sign that the wealthy receive special treatment, even in detention. The accused family were also allowed to ward off the press who were present to cover the last hearing of the case in the name of privacy. Earlier this week, the case’s hearing was delayed simply because of a negligent act wherein a 400 page challan was submitted in the wrong order by the police. It was also reported that the accused was in contact with the American embassy throughout his detainment. All these misfortunate revelations appear to cast a shadow of doubt on the efficiency of the judicial procedure.

So what is taking so long? Well, turns out there is more to the case than meets the eye, and it is important in order for the justice to be provided aptly that all details of the case and investigated and any accomplices are justly penalized as well. The latest investigations revealed that Zahir’s father was very much accomplice in the murder, and was aware of Noor’s detention and subsequent murder the whole time. He went as far as to reassure him of the body’s disposal. The therapy organization Therapy Works has also been found complicit in trying to aid the murderer after the crime. House workers of the murderer have also been charged for being complicit, as the deceased made 6 attempts to escape from him but was not allowed to flee by the guard and the gardener.

With all the facts in view, according to legal experts, there is almost no loophole whatsoever which would acquit the accused from his fate. The rest is to be seen as the events unfold. The next hearing is scheduled to be on the 23rd of September, and we hope that it paves the way towards long-overdue justice.