Nostalgia-Inducing Illustrations Of Our School Days That Will Make You Want To Go Back In Time!

We all have attended school and college days and we all make memories in most phases of our lives. It’s a human psychology. But the memories we make in our childhood remains with us though out life. Some of us remember them and most of us lost them in the grinding vehicle of life.
But some moments stays in our heart and mind for years and always induce nostalgic memories.
Some of them are illustrated by Paper Boat :sailboat: below. And many of you can relate to them!

Favourite Teacher Nostalgia…

We all had one favourite teacher through out schooling. And the most important thing was how to make your reputation infront of her/him. When ever we faced a punishment or forced to stand outside the class. We always wanted our favourite teacher not to see us.
"Warna Kia Izzat Reh Jaye Gi Hamari!"

The Microscopic World…

The best period of the whole day was the lab period where we got exposure to the new specimens and the most difficult task was to observe them under a microscope and the one who observes for more than five seconds was considered to be the luckiest one. There was a bunch of students and everyone got only a single second to observe the microscopic world.

Free Period,The Best Period…

Throughout the hectic succession of periods , a free period was a blessing until or unless some other teacher was asked to substitute the one. The gossips, the paper games we had throughout that free period was the best solution to the Awazaari of the whole day.
"Or Completing Homework taky ghr jakay so sken"

Checking The Staff Room First…

After coming to school the first thing we had to do was to check if the teacher whose test was going to conduct that day was absent or not. Or if he or she was running late. If he or she was absent, then the test cancellation excitement had no match.

Escaping The Boring Class…

Only solution to escape the boring class was heading towards the washroom and ultimately the bathroom suddenly became really far away during the boring class. Wandering through the corridors, peeping into every class, waving hand to our seniors and juniors were the only ways to avoid the boring lecture.

And then one fine day, we took off our school uniforms and never wore it back!!!

How many of you can relate to them? Share your nostalgia in the comment box.







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I have a memory that we use to throw sunlight by mirrors in the neighbor’s houses, especially GIRLS. :shushing_face:
We also stole papers of our December tests from teachers lockers :crazy_face:
And many more…


Haha first one is hilarious :joy::joy::joy: only Boys have the confidence to do this.


I was the luckiest one in the lab throughout matriculation :grinning::grinning:

I was gives much time to observe the species and then was told

"K ab pori class ko smjhao" :laughing::laughing:

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Free Period had many benefits except playing games i.e, Preparing Tests or Completing Homeworks.

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Parhako Bachayy :nerd_face:🥸
Otherwise hum toh enjoy krte thay un 45 minutes ko :relaxed::handshake:
Moreover jis din homework zyada milta tha to us period main complete krlte k ghr jakay so sken gy😋
I wasn’t an academy student toh kabhi academy k lie khjal khwaar nahi hui!

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We used to deliberately forget the lab caot at home so we could not perform practicals in chemistry lab and then play “Antakshiri”.

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I think you should also cite the source of the graphics of Paper Boat.

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Done :white_check_mark: It’s not a graphic platform it’s a famous baverage brand.

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Ghar jaa kr sonay ki reet to kbhi nai rahi Meri.
And jahan tak parrhakoo bachay ki baat hai, who is the Gold Medalist and Legal Drug Lord?

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Thank GOD, you guys didn’t use Magnifying Glass to throw reflection.

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