Omar and hana: fresh addition to islamic cartoons

Muslim families are always keeping watch for quality Islamic kid’s shows for young children to show them good and strict qualities in a fun and connecting way. As a parent I was also searching for something like this. Fortunately I ran over this series which is really captivating and profoundly instructive at the same time.

The Malaysian based animated series is based around two siblings, Omar and Hana along with their family teaching them Islamic values in engaging and fun way. It likewise includes different characters including their friends and teachers. Their interesting style, their utilization of excellent designs, and the fun instructive element of their tunes separates them from the other Islamic Children’s Programs that are accessible out there. Aside from Malaysian and Indonesian language it is presently accessible in English and Urdu language too so greater part of the children can take advantage out of it across the globe.

Their songs are instructive and points based, covering an entire exhibit of subjects including the Importance of Salah, Caring for Orphans, not squandering food or water, being acceptable visitors and hosts, sharing toys and playing together, fasting, going to the Masjid and many more.

Another fantastic element of this series is the manner by which every one of their episodes end with either a section of the Qur’an or a Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) identified with the subject of the animation/song. This helps to reinforce the message and teaching of each cartoon but also relates it directly back to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

This cartoon series is an incredible way of acquainting little youngsters with the lessons of Islam. I would highly recommend it to parents out there. May Allah favor every one of the individuals who thought of such an amazing series and are abundantly engaged with the production.


One of the main reason that our religion is viewed negatively is that we don’t have the appropriate ways to preach it.
We should must show such Islamic cartoons to our children so that they may develop positive feelings about their religion.


This was very informative

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Thank you😊 . I hope we get to see more series like this in furure.

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Exactly! It’s a great addition for that purpose…

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My Fav are AbdulBari Cartoons :heart:

Haven’t watched that. Will surely watch it too

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Worth sharing !

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