P.M Imran khan tests positive after 1st dose of vaccination!

Prime Minister Imran khan was vaccinated on Thursday and in order to encourage the nation to get vaccinated, he also broadcasted his footage. Yet, unfortunately, his first dose of vaccine couldn’t prevent him from being infected.

According to Faisal Sultan, " The prime minister has self isolated himself at home."

Imran khan was having a “slight cough”, after attending a session without mask so he was advised to get tested. The results turned out to be positive.

Now in a country where people are already hesitant about vaccine, this news may raise more suspicions.

BBC news
Dawn News


Our body takes weeks to build immunity against virus after vaccination. It means a person still can get infected with virus days after inoculation. Hope people have information regarding this and they dont relate it with “vaccine couldn’t protect him from infection”.

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May Allah give him speedy recovery. Ameen

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Yes pray for Imran khan