Pakistan :hope and despondency

74 years ago,on 14august,1947 India split ; demand of Muslim for separate homeland fulfilled as blood of innocuous souls shape the destiny ,the struggles of MUSLIM LEAGUE bore the fruits ;And “PAKISTAN” transformed from chimera into reality…

The Muslim who’s soul was flooded by pessimism was irrigated fresh water of hope and anticipation.Muslim ,who were plagued by malpractices, corruption, nepotism, religious discrimination of India were feeling hard to bore the weight, felt Pakistan .The Muslim ,who in light of glorious past wasn’t accepting Backfoot position ,saw glimmer of hope in this young nation.

Muslim ,who work day and night were of the view that the Nation ,we are gonna erect will quashed all social menaces i.e nepotism, religious discrimination etc.The Nation will paradigm for other NATIONS.And that it will be vanguard in providing relief to battered Nationals.

But all aforementioned hopes stayed hopes, optimism remains optimism, dream becoming top Nation is still dream.Poverty striken Nation, injustices plagued people remains afflicted as they used to before split of subcontinent.So, “what has change?” if nothing that tend to be changed remain same …yeah many changes has indeed occured although not for good of people…e.g

  1. Once there used to one Nation now three Nation.
    2.There used to be Kashmir issue now is.
    3.The people of India used to be called indian now: indian, pakistani,bengali…
    4.There was no name of religious fanaticism but now it’s PAKISTANI CULTURE…
    5.Army doesn’t used religious beliefs for their own interests against enemies but now PAKISTAN is known for it…so on.

    And the flagrant disregard for basic human rights on day of independence ,when some what 400 hooligans molested,groped tiktoker AYESHA even torn her clothes…but this doesn’t end there people started faking the incident calling it preplanned drama for gaining Nation eye…
    And GOVT OF PAKISTAN Lodged FIR …best of luck for registering FIR on ghosts…so I WANNA ASK U A QUESTION AS PAKISTANI: