Pakistan: Huge exporter of Covid-19? Information Minister's claim surprises viewers

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Islamabad; No matter how bleak the times and pervasive the gloom, how uncertain the future how imminent the doom, one thing we could all rely on irrespective of happenings around us is esteemed Minister of Information, Fawad Hussain Chaudhry putting grins on our faces with his impeccable (and entirely unintentional) talent of dispensing humour. If creating beautiful blunders is an art, that man indisputably is Pablo Picasso of it, an absolute master craftsman.

During a media briefing of cabinet‚Äôs 28th December meeting, concerning latest brewing coronavirus situation and government‚Äôs dealing of its Omicron variant, Information Minister declared ‚ÄúPakistan is a very big exporter of Corona [virus]‚ÄĚ, bewildering the media and others in attendance, leaving them scratching their heads until one reporter figured out what Fawad Chaudhry really wanted to state. Which was ‚ÄúPakistan is a very big exporter of coronavirus medical appliances‚ÄĚ, it was then acknowledged by the minister himself who corrected his preceding proclamation.


Just previous month, chuckling ensued after Mr. Chaudhry claimed ‚ÄėGarlic is Adrak‚Äô while doing a press conference about price reduction of edibles. Today, he has made a grand entrance with brand new comedic material, upping his previous show of comic chops closer to perfection, leaping straight towards laughter generating from grin producing - talk about extraordinary progress in record-breaking duration.

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In today’s episode of dumb statements…

Well, look at bright side. There is finally something this government is good at: MAKING MISTAKES

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PTI government trying to do something right

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Heheh Fawad ch should be a stand up comedian, he will win awards.

Tiny mistake. Minister saheb needs articulation classes by the way. Pehle tola karen phir bola karen.

He needs to have his separate blooper real with multiple hours length :clown_face:

Fawad ne Iftikhar Thakur ko maat dene ki qasam khayi hai lagta hai