Pakistan is finally off UK's red list

After 5 months of keeping Pakistan along with Maldives and Turkey on the red list for travel, England has finally decided to take it off. This is great news for Pakistanis who have been facing difficulties in travelling to and from the country and faced social and financial losses while doing so.

Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons Afzal Khan termed red listing as having had to do with politics rather than science, and welcomed the decision made by the government. Several UK MPs had also called the red listing discriminatory and expressed disdain when India was taken off the red list in August while Pakistan was not.

Pakistan has finally been removed from the red list

It was clear that the Gvt put politics ahead of science

I’ve spent months urging the Gvt to review Pakistan’s red list status & I’m pleased they finally listened

As Chair of 🇬🇧🇵🇰Trade & Tourism I welcome this (untimely) step

— Afzal Khan MP (@Afzal4Gorton) September 17, 2021

Minister Shireen Mazari applauded the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s firm stance on the issue along with UK Parliamentarians, Christian Turner, NCOC and the SAPM for their role in the change of travel regulations. She also referred to the red listing as having been unfair, saying that it was time for England to set things right.

Thanks to @ImranKhanPTI for his strong stance on this issue + UK MPs incl but not only @NazShahBfd @Afzal4Gorton + scientific data responses by @fslsltn/NCOC. Also appreciate support of @CTurnerFCDO. Pak was dealt with unfairly so it was time for UK govt to put things right!

— Shireen Mazari (@ShireenMazari1) September 17, 2021

According to British diplomat Christian Turner, England will resume close cooperation with Pakistan in order to share data and ensure the safety of public health in both of the countries. Students studying in the UK also feel relieved with the lift of strict travel regulations as they would no longer face academic losses.