Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 has been postponed

The Pakistan Cricket Board declared openly on Thursday that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 has been postponed with abrupt effect after seven people having a part in the tournament-tested positive for Covid-19.
The PCB said the verdict had been taken out of review for the health and wellbeing of all players in the game. Observing a meeting with the team owners and assessing the health and wellbeing of all players is paramount, the Pakistan Cricket Board has agreed to delay the HBL Pakistan Super League 6 with immediate effect. The opinion was made after seven cases were reported in the tournament, which had started on 20 February. The PCB will focus on the comfortable and safe passage for the players and is set to organize repeat PCR tests, vaccines, and isolation capacities for the six franchises.


We will miss one of our great show. Psl is love. Thank you for informing.

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Traffic will be better for a while then


Every child from every single house is going to schools but there they find No Corona. Now when a few thousand people from one city went to stadium, they are shouting Corona. What A DRAMA.

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its a Good Decision.!

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This competition was the things that literally brought excitement to our Covid life and it is postponed. Hope it restarts soon
But still it is a good decision coz lives are much more important.

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Yeah we all gonna miss it. :heart:

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Yes exactly

Yes absolutely.

That’s probably because they are following SOP’s, and when we do take care of ourselves we cannot get corona. It’s real bro.

Haha truee


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SOP’s in schools are nowhere. Everybody was wearing a mask and maintaining distance in stadium unlike our schools. Corona has not spread due to a few thousand people going to the stadium!

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But it is a great risk. So in order to minimize that risk the delay was needed.