Pakistani student causes panic in America by taking gun to college


Lahore - School shootings are a grave problem in United States, since the start of 2000s, 306 students in different schools and universities have died amid such dreadful terror instances. Due to these unfortunate events of human lives’ loss, the threats or presumed threats now have unprecedented preventive measures. On Thursday, October 14th, these measures were put to demonstration even though the threat did not originate in USA. On said day, at noon, US security agencies urgently contacted Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency about a potential shooter they had detected, a college student, Hussain Asif. He was seen pulling out a handgun from his bag with expressions showing sinister intentions plastered over his face, that video was uploaded on social app Snapchat.

In the aftermath of US warning call via Interpol, which alerted this boy was going to massacre his fellow students, FIA cyber crime wing took timely action and arrested the perceived college shooter from Canal Housing Society. In interrogation, he told it was a toy airsoft gun, he had uploaded the video on Snapchat as a ‘joke’ to scare his friends and he had no idea the video will reach American security agencies. Interrogating officers called suspect’s bluff but gun confiscated from suspect’s possession actually turned out to be a plastic toy. FIA director, Mr. Babar Bakht Qureshi sent the report to Director General, through where it was shared with Interpol and US intelligence.

Despite pulling a borderline imbecilic and dangerous prank akin to one that cost a seventeen-year-old his life after he was killed by police for publicly brandishing a toy gun, arrested student was granted bail some hours later. FIA informed he’ll remain involved in inquiry until investigation concludes, meanwhile, Snapchat administration, going by their zero-tolerance policy for anything terror-related, terminated his account.

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