Perfection or mental health?

As a kid, all of us thrived and worked hard to achieve that title of ‘Perfect child’ in our families. Some of us succeeded while the others failed and were never given a chance to stand back up again, marking them as the black sheep of the family.

Today I will talk about a topic that has a lot of stigma surrounding it.


How can we ever confront our parents? They practically gave birth to us and brought us up, that would be so ungrateful of us to stand up and tell them how things they have been doing/expecting from their barely mature children is affecting their mental and physical health.

As a kid who was brought up in a family that was neither liberal nor strict I felt quite lucky. My parents loved me and still do to this day but things started changing when I was around ten years old and life became tough for me and my parents,


That has been the most toxic topic in our and most households, growing up all I have heard is we’ve spent money here, the bills are getting difficult to fulfill, things are getting expensive, etc. So you get the picture, how it must’ve affected a child’s mind.

There were other things like,

They couldn’t give us time because they were busy earning money for our better future and then when they started spending that money on us, well along came the taunts like “You guys are ungrateful brats” or my most favorite “Our parents never did anything like this for us so you should be grateful to us”.

YES! I am grateful to them and trust me I love them more than anything in this world but they need to understand that in all their struggle to earn money, etc. We (Their kids) were right beside them along the path. We prayed, we worked our best to achieve good grades or make them proud so that they won’t take us as a burden.

Still, they expect perfection from us,

Still, they think our mental health’s are fine when all we did growing up was hugging our siblings and telling them “ It’s gonna be okay, they’ll come around, They’ll understand us one day that all we needed was their understanding, love and time”.

Not their money or all the materialistic things that they so efficiently provided us with,

Maybe if parents became understanding, less judgmental, NO comparing, more considerate, and see their children’s soul rather than their materialistic achievements there would be fewer patients with “ Depression, Anxiety disorder, Mental abuse, with trust issues, introverts, mentally absent, feeling unloved and unwanted, searching for love and attention from strangers”.

If you feel like sharing your side of the story, the comment section is all yours, and we are here to hear your unheard story!


Beautifully explained. Applause.

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Totally loved your piece of writing and I am literally agreed with it. Almost every parents compare their child with others and taunt them and this thing eventually results into loss of interest from everything but I would say that I am being brought up in an environment where we are not compared with others. Instead of that we are compared with ourselves which helps us in improving

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