Peshawar Rickshaw driver gives free rides to 100+ school girls to promote girl's education

Meet Arab Shah, a rikshaw driver from Peshawar who resides in the Warsak Road Area of the capital city.
The 29-year-old provides free round trip transportation to school in his auto-rickshaw in Peshawar city to 100 female students daily to promote the importance of education.
He believes that it is every girl right to pursue education.

My five elder sisters could not get an education for various reasons, and now I want to support the sisters and daughters of others to gain an education and contribute to the progress and prosperity of the country. Shah said while picking up the students from the government-run school near the Pir Bala area.

To bring the girls from school he said he has to make several trips in the morning and in the afternoon which consume considerable time and fuel as well as lost revenue.
The cost of free trips for education does not matter to me. Shah said. Adding that he plans to offer the service as long as he can because he does not want girls going to miss out on an education because their parents cannot afford the expenses.


That’s such a great work. God bless him

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Such kinda positivity is required for our country :heart:


Un ma’soom Bachiyon ke chehron pe jo khushi hai, kitna khoobsurat manzar lag raha hai na kr Wo sab Is Insaan ki wajah se.
I was thinking, how would he manage to drop 100+ girls.
Waqa’yi, kafi chakkar lagtay hon gay or as He is Rikshaw Driver, to fuel expenses bhi bardasht krna parrtay hon gay but, ALLAH is best Helper.
I wish, ALLAH bless him more and more and He could continue this noble service. :palms_up_together:
It is necessary and right of every Girl to get education to beautify her life.

Irum, Mistakes ignore kr detay hain. :wink:

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Mistakes ignore krna achi baat hai. Shukriaaaaa! Kbhi kbhi ignore kr lia krein.

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OK, ignore kr detay hain.
Waisay bhi Mera mistakes nikalna banta nai hai, you are MashaALLAH, more intelligent.

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