Phase-2 of covid-19 vaccination to be started on 10th march in Pakistan

Since the world is severely affected by corona virus pandemic, the scientists are striving hard to make an effective vaccine to fight this contagious disease. Pakistan is also hit with 3rd wave of corona virus so there is a need of massive vaccination. Currently many vaccines with high efficacy have been developed but none has achieved 100% efficacy yet.

Pakistan formally launched the covid-19 vaccination program on 3rd February with the help of china’s donation of 500k doses of Sinopharm for Healthcare workers. Pakistan is going to inoculate its citizens in reverse order by age i.e The oldest ones will be inoculated first. Government announced on 25th February that Pakistan will receive 17M doses of Astrazeneca’s coronavirus vaccine through WHO’s COVAX program. According to this program, doses of this vaccine will be provided to countries in proportion to their population size. Pakistan has already received this delivery and according to SAPM Dr Faisal sultan, this drive of inoculation will start from 10th march for senior most citizens. These people will receive two doses 8-12 weeks apart.IMG_20210309_150258

Efficacy of covid vaccines available in Pakistan

Sinopharm vaccine has got an efficacy of about 79.3% whereas

Astrazeneca vaccine has an efficacy of 76% after first dose and it increases to upto 82% after second dose with the interval of about 8 weeks between the two. This vaccine has been approved to be used for people above 60 years of age.

Post vaccine symptoms

Pain at the site of injection for some time, fatigue, headache, nausea, joint and muscle aches

Pakistan is in dire need of antidote for conspiracy theories against coronavirus vaccination too. These theories are much discussed in the local community, supporting covid-19 vaccine hesitancy. These people say this vaccination will take away their reproductive capacity, will kill them or a 5G chip will be inserted to control them. Here comes the role of media in neutralizing such misleading claims by educating people… According to a survey, only 56% Pakistanis are willing to take the coronavirus vaccine.

What is your take on covid vaccination drive in Pakistan. Will you take the vaccine or not? Share your views


Of course!! I just want to do away with this virus.


We all will… Inshaa Allah


Nope Not yet


Why? What is the reason?


As responsible citizen we should take it, I hope everyone takes it. :smile:


Thats the spirit.