Please help us, DON'T LET THEM WIN AGAIN!


We often hear from our content competition participants that we should not give our prize to people who have already won it before. While we also want our prize money to reach more and more people, we cannot hold back our prize from a deserving person and give it to someone else just because the latter hasn’t received it before.

FrontPage.PK suffers when a participant wins again

When someone receives their prize from FrontPage.PK for the first time, it doesn’t only prove to them but also their friends and family that FrontPage.PK is real and not fake. But when we have to give the prize again the second time, we gain NOTHING!!! Every time FrontPage.PK has to give a cash prize to someone who has already won our competition before, we suffer a marketing loss.

We respect the MERIT

It is in our policy to reward the merit; we believe the only way to succeed in any aspect of life is to always respect the merit. Therefore, when other participants are not able to perform better than someone who has already won a prize before, we have no option but to give the prize again and suffer a loss at our end.

Our request to other participants

Please help us, DON’T LET THEM WIN AGAIN!!! For getting a high score, focus on finding content that is FRESH and still developing. You don’t need a long essay! An average user doesn’t have that much patience to read long text, so find content that is brief and packed with quality!


This was initially posted in reference to @Bilal_Ahmed’s story: The Other Side of the Picture!. However, we identified that the story was based on a fake news from Daily Mail as can be seen here: Pakistani singer who accused pop star of groping her faces three years in jail | Daily Mail Online

Bilal has since updated his story to make it factual. This is a very good example of why we always need to research thoroughly and always provide references from credible sources.

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