Podina Le Aun? Feels like a 'sabziwala' has been hired by McDonald's as its new social media manager

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Huge enterprises and big companies frequently get things done through development, reinforcing client connections by playing the advertising game that draws consideration inside a brief moment. And as always, FrontPage.PK is at the forefront of catching the trend.

With that impact, McDonald’s has of late started to show structure with regards to making imaginative advertisements for advancing new items. Their most recent emphasis in the field is an enigmatic message to a great many Pakistanis that says just "Podina Le Aun?"

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Netizens are rushing to Twitter, some voicing energy, while others are sure that the world-renowned natural pecking order is doing just prodding a forthcoming ‘mint margarita’ type offering on its as of now unoriginal menu of inexpensive food things.


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Coronavirus has made transport a bit muddled, as individuals who’ve gotten the infection are compelled to separate themselves as a shield against spreading it to other people. In these circumstances, ordering food is the only way.

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Nearly everybody in Pakistan appears to have gotten a message from Mcdonald’s, questioning as to whether they ought to get pudina (mint leaves). Nobody is certain in case this is a promoting strategy or a misstep by a persevering understudy yet that hasn’t prevented them from ridiculing it on the web. Some colloquialism it very well may be a pudina sauce or mint margarita that McDonald’s might be dispatching soon. Your opinion so?

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That’s hilarious :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yeah I got the same :rofl::rofl: I think it’s some sort of mint chatni :joy:

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Meanwhile PizzaHut :pizza:

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