Poll: Which of the following is your favorite Pakistani news channel?

Pakistan has so many news channels. Which one of these do you like the most?

Select your favorite Pakistan news channel
  • 24 News
  • 92 News
  • Aaj News
  • Abb Takk News
  • ARY News
  • BOL News
  • Capital TV
  • Dawn News
  • Din News HD
  • Dunya News
  • Express News
  • Geo News
  • GNN
  • Hum News
  • Neo TV
  • News One
  • PTV News
  • Public News
  • Samaa TV
  • None

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I don’t “basically support” news channels as they give wrong information sometimes too.


Waiting for akhri show

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I support ARY news because their news is more authentic and they transmit every news at the very exact time.

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I never support these channels. It seems that politics is only topic left to be discussed in our news channels.

Every channel is in race of securing good ratings and in that race of obsession they post poor quality content which makes their channel boring. When donkey fells they send teams and report about how and when donkey fell. It needs to be real.

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Supporting Geo News

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I like to watch ARY news…despite of being known that it’s a biased channel, but almost all are biased. I just find the talkshows aired on ARY news very interesting and capturing. 11th hour is my favorite talkshow.

I like storyline of humtv dramas

thats right

I think all news channels are biased and they provide the news which benefits them.

I usually don’t watch news channels rather enjoy news on social media. But Geo News is always my first priority.


I don’t follow any news channels in particular. I keep my concentration over news more specifically. Because, i believe channels are biased, they have a preference, they report the things with a particular perspective and agenda so yaa I’m not a follower of any channel.


Dawn News in my opinion is neutral hence my personal favorite.

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But it’s not a newe channel.

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I like duniya News channel

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Ary news :heart:

News play good role in keep updating us about what is going on. When, where and what is happened… In short we can stay update about the current affairs all around the world.

I like express news channel

News channels always been controversial for many reasons. They just report what they ordered. The lack of independency and majurity of our channels pushed them back. In past even today all channels are being controlled. Some channels support present government and some decline due to lack of advertisement and political victimisation.

Damn trueđź’Ż