Potential Winners for Week 3

List updated at: 19th March @ 10:30 AM PKT

Since most participants continue to disregard our judging criteria, we have compiled this list of topics that pass our criteria. This is to help participants develop an understanding of what type of content they need to post to win the competition.

We will continue to update this list as new topics are shortlisted. The due date for Week 3 participation is 18th March @ 12 PM PKT.






























Please follow our instructions if you want to win

  1. Focus on FINDING interesting news/content instead of trying to create your own content.
  2. Find FRESH news/content that is interesting and relevant to Pakistani youth.
  3. Use pictures & videos to make your content visual.
  4. Do NOT write long essays; your entire post should be digestible within 2 minutes.
  5. Provide references to your sources.



i hope my name is also in short list.


I haven’t won even once. It would be an honour.


I was trying to follow the judgement criteria. Disappointed to not see my name there.
But I’ll keep trying :slight_smile: :muscle:


Congratulations to all the winners Ma Sha ALLAH


Ain’t won yet, just potential ones.


Me kshsh tw krri jo aj kl k lihaz se jiski zrurt hai uspr likhny ki pr abh bh apna name na dekh k thra disapoint hui but ab aur searching aur kshsh krngi.



Providing the shortlisted topics has automatically increased the number of views, likes and comments on them.

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Number of views and comments doesn’t matter …
Its the website that decide the final …
Telling you coz in the beginning I thought the same :dizzy:


Same here :slightly_smiling_face:


@FrontPage.PK I hope that I am not exaggerating, but I feel like This is the best piece of content I’ve ever wrote according to your judgement criteria. It is informative and related to us all. It was new, it was researched and I provided references too. I was surprised to see it not shortlisted. hope you don’t rule any of us out just because we have won in the previous week.
You were fair last week and I hope you always will be, in the future :blush:


You are 100 percent right!!!

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@FrontPage.PK Ap kisi religion topic ko selct nh krty?

I guess this had to be a platform where writers should have been encouraged for their creativity. Like if we will provide incentives that asks you to stop thinking and start finding then I don’t know how it can encourage writers. I don’t know about others but as a writer I feel that we have greater responsibility towards society and we have power to bring change with power of pen. Rather than running blindly into the race we must have a pause and think! It is our capability of thinking that makes us humans. :slight_smile:


@Words_by_rubab you are more than welcome to use this platform to write about anything that brings a positive change in the society. However, the purpose of the competition is to help us bootstrap this community which requires us to make it interesting for the common Pakistani youth. And therefore the judging criteria for the competition is aligned towards that goal.


Thank you so much for kind response and yes I understand I just shared my concern but best of luck for your goal and I try my level best to help you reach that goal, my readers from U.S and dfrnt counteries have also visited this platform and are appreciating it as i shared my topic links with them on Linked in. So hope that you go far.

When will the result be announced ?

Thursday is the last date of submission and sunday is the result day :cherry_blossom:

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