President Pakistan caught playing silly game 'Wordle' got severe backlash

Everyone appears to be playing Wordle, a new free online word puzzle that has gone viral on social media, based on how they’re sharing their results. President Arif Alvi, on the other hand, landed himself in deep trouble on Thursday when he tweeted his Wordle for the day, which he swiftly removed after being chastised for “not working” on the country’s critical challenges.

Unfortunately, the president has nothing better to do than play games, at the time Pakistan is facing grim security and economic challenges. What’s your take on it? Let us know in the comments section below.


Its Pakistan, everything is possible here. As they have no responsibilities, totally free , no concern with country and have so much spare time they can play these silly games…

I can’t understand how they get such a spare time. Even in my student life , i don’t have much spare time to pay attention towards my physical health or even sometimes i wonder should I Eat something today as I don’t have much time from my studies…

Being president or pm of a country, Nation, how are you mentally relaxed? I don’t know…??? Its totally strange for me… A bit burden of studies doesn’t allow me to eat food sometimes how they have so much spare time being president to play these…

Speechless just!!!:sleepy:

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And there are people like me… Jinko wordle ke bare main ptaa bhi president se chala hai :cry::cry:

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Wo to sab ap jasa ga hmara pass itna tym ni na ka in games ma zaya krain

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