President Trump Getting Embarrassing Farewell as The House Impeaches Him for The Second Time

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The U.S. President Donald Trump seems to be sparing no chance of making history and drifting the U.S. further away from what has been the cornerstone of its fundamental principles since inception. The United States of America, as stated in the famous charter called Declaration of Independence, stands for the freedom, liberty and democracy, and to uphold these principles, was the cardinal goal of its founding fathers.

However, during the past four years, the U.S. has strayed away from these principles more than any other time in its history. The tumultuous presidency of Donald Trump has furthered polarisation within America, sparked civil unrest, assaulted its democracy, isolated it from multilateral forums, tarnished its image, threatened its global leadership, and rendered the U.S. a laughing stock around the world.

In the last few days of his Presidency, Donald Trump has yet again made history and done what had never been done in the U.S. before. On Wednesday, the American president has been impeached for the second time. This time, the impeachment for ‘incitement for insurrection’ has made him the first-ever president in American history to have been impeached twice by the Congress–another addition to his long list of controversies.

Impeaching and convicting the president would be a constitutional remedy that “will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and that hold us together.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remarked on Wednesday.

The move came after the remarks of Donald Trump on his election defeat ignited hooliganism at the U.S. Capitol. The violent mob–in an unprecedented act–damaged the infrastructure, harassed the people, and hurt the spirit of American democracy.

Trump, however, while talking to the press has said: “I unequivocally condemn the violence. Violence and vandalism have no place in our country and our movement.”

Nevertheless, these are certainly the turbulent times for American democracy and its people. With so much damage inflicted, the American people, look upon Biden administration to save the democracy and uproot all the populist, fascist, opportunist, isolationist and authoritative tendencies which have been plaguing the American structure for the last four years.