Productive modern strategies of teaching

A very practical and brief set of strategies for teachers (and to-be-teachers). I invite all the readers to share a new strategy, they think, can be important.

1. Proper Lesson Planning:

A teacher must schedule a proper draft, noting down the way and methodologies he/she will go through, to make the topics clearly understandable to students. Collaborate each topic with more than one activities of practical applications. (For example, “extracting the moral lessons from a particular topics” or ask students “what would you have done, if you were in place of (xyz) character?” or “relate the topic with present society)

2. Boost Ability in Students

Teachers must elaborate each and every topic to the students. Enhancing their verbal abilities related to topic, through “discussion”, which plays vital role. Indulge students in that particular scenario and observe which new ideas they come up with. Advice them to listen to each other’s viewpoint attentively.

3. Cross Questioning:

Mere explanation and discussion does not ensure if every student has understood the topic correctly or not. To upgrade their understanding ask relateable questions from your students. “If reading makes the text 50% clear, then, questioning adds 30% more to that 50%”. Ask students different questions, “was the character’s action justified?” or “why, do you think, this turned out this way?” and many others. Appreciate their answers and welcome the arguementative ones. Give preference to the students who stay quiet or picks the things late.

4. Audio-Visual Devices:

Mankind is habitual of using more than one sense at a time. Learners are even more excited sensuously. Make them watch and listen to the audio-visual content. Show them animated or inanimated versions of the topic they have just gone through. This will not only make the topic super clear but will also help them memorize the matter for a longer time. A novel read is indeed less effective than a movie watched.

5. Testing:

Examine if they have properly understood or not. Evaluate the ratio of students who understood it above 80% and those who did below it. A traditional paper test is less productive and more boring. Excite them by dividing them in groups and assign them different aspects to research on and to include their understanding on it. Bring forward more creative ideas of examining, which look less of a test and more of a game and entertainment.

Teaching is the hardest and the easiest profession in the world. A real teacher is one who dives into mentality of his/her students and help them understanding every bit practically and interestingly. The best teacher is one who always competes his/her own previous performance.



Very informative article :clap: teachers make the nations. Therefore, they need to be well-trained and aware of their duties, which you have provided nicely.

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Keep up the good work.

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Thanks a lot for your kind comment :heart:

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