Protection from brain damage!

Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ Sunnah are being scientifically :microscope: #Proven one by one by the Science and that is the colossal Testament of Muhammad ﷺ sayings Authenticity and Credibility.

Over 1400 years Back, when a child was Born, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ made it #Mandatory (Sunnat) to put a small Piece of Date (Khajoor) in the #Mouth until it get Soft. Then Rub that soft Piece of Date onto the upper Roof of the mouth of the New Born. This is called Tehneek is Islam (Jurisprudence).

Later, Science #Proved :o: that : “A Dose of Sugar given as a Gel Rubbed into the inside of the mouth is a cheap and Effective way to Protect premature Babies against Brain Damage”, Reported BBC News.

This is why Muslims follow the sunnah of the messenger without Questioning it. Science is only now Discovering a tradition that was introduced 1400 #Years ago.

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