PSL and the Projection of PAkistan's Soft Power

The PSL season is on fire, and so is the Pakistani nation. The whole country sits in front of TVs snd enjoy the thrilling matches of the Pakistan Super League. It has been six years since Pakistan is hosting this prestigious league wherein the foreign cricketers, coaches, commentators and anchor personnel participate and make the league vibrant, exciting, glamorous, exuberating and entertaining.

The event of the Pakistan Super League is, no doubt, a commendable step towards projecting a positive image of Pakistan on the international forum. The arrival of foreign people, exciting theme songs, the huge crowd in the grounds and the enthusiasm and the joy which they carry send a loud message to the world that Pakistan is now safe for sports, trade and tourism.

This is certainly a fruit of Pakistan’s perpetual efforts for peace and its hard struggle against the terrorists, which is yielding dividends. After the suspension of international cricket in Pakistan since the attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009, Pakistan has suffered from a tarnished image; a country which many a time is labelled as a haven for terrorists.

However, the situation has changed now and the country is beginning to be perceived as a responsible, peaceful and loving state. Through PSL, the world is getting to see the other side of Pakistan, a side that is never highlighted by the media and which is portrayed as unreal by the enemies of the nation.

Unfortunately, the PSL season 6 has now been postponed as per the latest reports. Nevertheless, today, with the help of Almighty, Pakistan is showing the world that it is a peaceful place like any other country in the world. It is safe from all the violators and terrorists. Its mesmerising beauty, breath-taking glaciers, colossal mountains, splendid valleys, religious sites as well as the events like PSL attract foreigners so that they come here and enjoy the time of their lives.

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