Punjab man arrested for wearing a bra in bazaar and engaging in vulgar acts. A shameful incident!

Image courtesy: Twitter

In an outrageously disgraceful episode, a Punjab man was spotted wearing a bra in a commercial center. It occurred in Nankana Sahib District in the Punjab region.

Local people of Nankana Sahib, Punjab, enrolled a case at Mangta Nawala police headquarters against the one who was discovered wearing a bra in a pubic space. The incident occurred within the sight of ladies and youngsters. According to a report, the man was occupied with profane demonstrations and badgering ladies as he sang obscene melodies.

As indicated by the report, the man who wore a bra fled when he saw the police drawing closer. Notwithstanding, his endeavor to escape fizzled as the police got him and put him behind the bars.

Image courtesy: Twitter

In the meantime, a duplicate of the First Information Report (FIR) has arisen via online media just as a video of the episode. In the video, the man in a bra can be seen boldly strolling in the market within the sight of females and youngsters. Moreover, profane music can be heard behind the scenes. The objection additionally guarantees that the man-caused ladies feel awkward and affronted.

The demonstration just mirrors the backwardness of the suspect. In a circumstance in that capacity, ladies will undoubtedly feel irritated and awkward. An adult man participating in a particularly despicable demonstration isn’t just inadmissible yet in addition abhorrent.

Have a look at the viral video

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Isko to pakar k usi time unhi khwateen ke beech mn dandon se marrna chahiye tha :rage::rage: aise logo k wajah se females apne app ko unsave feel krti hain.

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Itna hi shok hai aurat banne ka toh ghar bethe yeh wahan mojood tamam khwateen ki tazleel hai :rage::rage:

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Highly shameful and disrespectful towards females.

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