Rahim Yar Khan: Hindu family 'tortured' for fetching drinking water from mosque by local Islamists


Acquiring water from a mosque tap landed a Hindu family in a difficult situation as some town landowners purportedly tortured and held them, prisoner, for “abusing the sacredness” of the heavenly spot.

The incident happened a couple of days back when Alam Ram Bheel, an occupant of Basti Kapoor Khan in the city rural areas, was picking crude cotton (phutti) alongside his other relatives, including his better half, in a field of Chak 106-P. Ram said when the family went outside a close by the mosque to bring drinking water from a tap, some neighborhood property managers and their men beat them. At the point when the family was getting back in the wake of emptying the picked cotton, the landowners held them, prisoner, at their dera (latrine) and tortured them once more.

Afterward, some Muslim occupants of Basti Kapoor Khan got the Bheel family delivered. Ram Bheel said the Airport police headquarters didn’t enlist the case as the assailants were identified with a nearby PTI parliamentarian.

Ram said he held a demonstration outside the police headquarters, alongside one more tribe part Peter Jhon Bheel to dissent the oppressiveness.

Likewise an individual from the locale harmony advisory group, Peter Jhon Bheel disclosed to Dawn that they moved toward PTI MNA Javed Warriach who assisted them with housing the FIR under segments 506, 154, 379, 148, and 149 of the Pakistan Penal Code on Friday last.

Jhon said he mentioned different individuals from the region harmony advisory group to bring a crisis meeting over the issue however they didn’t seriously approach him. Locale Police Officer Asad Sarfraz said that he was investigating the matter.

Affirming the occurrence, Farooq Rind, a senior attorney and previous locale bar president, said he likewise had a place with Basti Kapoor where the Bheels had been living for over a century. He said most of the group individuals were ranch laborers and very poor.

Ram said the blamed landowners were infamous for provoking different residents over frivolous issues. He guaranteed a free legitimate guide for the complainant family.

The continuing attacks on Hindus, have made an extremist image of Pakistanis in front of the outside world. What a shameful impact it has on our society.

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That’s such a pathetic image of Pakistanis being created infront of the Hindu community.

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