Ranking IPL 2021 Kits; Worst to Best

Now that all 8 teams have fared in their matches. We can assess where do they rank when it comes to the appeal of their respective sporting attire.

8. Rajasthan Royals

One thing I like about Royals is how they bring a new jersey in every edition, giving them a fresh look compared to teams like Chennai & Hyderabad, who stick with same old designs. But with that positive comes a huge negative: their selection of jersey’s design.

Looks even worse when tucked in

The current one would’ve looked good in concept art but when translated to reality, it looks mediocre at best, an incomplete game of tetris lacking in cohesion, even more so when it is tucked in, which almost all the players do. On the contrary their training jersey is stunning, perfect blend of Rajasthani culture with Royals’ colours. The pink pattern on blue as it is, or blue pattern of pink, both would’ve looked splendid. 3/10

Training jersey that should’ve been main

7. Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR jerseys peaked in earlier seasons, specially the inaugural one. That black & gold with a very simple design looked graceful. They never achieved that peak after adapting to purple, gold colour scheme. That, however, isn’t a statement of it not having the potential to ever do that, potential is there but will isn’t.

The choice of design is equally bad as RR’s if not worse. The present kit looks like the most generic one that all sports clothing companies have in their default designs’ catalogue. In the local cricket tournaments alone I have seen various teams donning similar jerseys. Add to that the random golden cloth thing-y coming out of neck area, it’s a whole another level of bad composition.

Good news, this ugly white background behind MPL isn’t here anymore

The lack of white background from last year on MPL logo is an upgrade though. 3/10

6. Punjab Kings

Enough comparisons have been made between this & RCB’s old kit, so pointing that out is kinda futile now. The destruction started from name change, choosing a clichéd title instead of retaining the unique one. Having golden pads & helmet; the last thing they needed when KKR & RCB already have that. One bad choice after another led to bootlegged RCB come into existence.

images (75) It’s ugly, I’ve looked at it for 5 milliseconds now

Even if it hardly makes any difference, ditching the usual gigantic white-box logo in middle is appreciated. Wish they had ditched that misplaced tiny lion head too which has been an integral part of their kits for years, or given it an origin where it actually makes sense, i.e. Chennai Super Kings’. Right now it’s like a kid got a sticker in his bubble gum wrapper & stuck it upon the first place he could think of.

As a first time kit without resemblances to those of past fans would have been a little kinder to it, but context matters. Right now we gotta be harshly honest, it’s not more than a 4/10.

I know I talked about not making its comparison with older RCB kit, but the urge is irresistible. I give up.

RCB old jersey coming back from dead

5. Sunrisers Hyderabad

There is nothing seriously wrong with SRH kit, it’s just bland, bland by the courtesy of being overused. There is a reason most teams do not use same design jersey for longer periods, it gets boring & dull, no matter how sleek it is at first.


It is a decent jersey, just used 6 too many seasons. Only alteration to happen this year is - well… Coolwinks is now JK Lakshmi Cement. A good start, I guess? Tides of change? 4.5/10

On a side note, their training kit is dope. How about upgrading it a bit & trying it next season?

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Beautiful jersey, I must say. Albeit with one big flaw. The collar. Sport kits are for providing athletes’ bodies the comfort & freedom of movement during action. Imagine having your collar constantly poking you in neck while you are playing. This is the thing modern kit-makers sometimes don’t get, they aren’t designing them for a fashion show.

That’s the part of reason why recent West Indian jerseys are total abominations, it’s style over substance, they are too skin-tight that they barely let players’ body breathe other than restricting smooth muscle movement.

Even when everything is done right, an element is added which in a way somewhat ruins that. Like with this RCB jersey. The lion imprint is sick, sponsor logos have transparent background, they aren’t overshadowing the charm of kit. It’s a good jersey by all means if not for that hideous collar. 5/10

3. Mumbai Indians

Every year Mumbai Indians introduce a spectacular jersey then ruin it by adding all that flash and glitter. This year was no exception, when first images of new kit were released it seemed they had finally gotten rid of that shiny patterns on sides & shoulders. Although the picture showed that, that was too good to be true. Instead of simple incorporated motifs, the glittery eyesore was back in its full glory.

mcms Digital render

Final version

Final version (2)

The new kit is a slick, sophisticated, eye-soothing combination of light & darker shades of blue. That soothing of eyes, however, remains only until you take a gander at those out of place flashy patterns. An addition completely unnecessary, turning finely clothed sportsmen into background dancers of a Daler Mehndi music video. 5.5/10

2. Chennai Super Kings

I for one, now am a believer in miracles. Miracles do happen. One happened in front of my very own eyes when CSK ultimately made a “major” change to their kit after 13 long years. That major change isn’t so major if you see it without knowing the history behind it. It is only after comparison with jerseys of past do you truly realise how major this otherwise miniscule change is.

Clean it was before, CSK kit now exudes freshness. Who knew a little camouflage patch on shoulders would contribute to jersey’s uniqueness? I certainly didn’t. Like Ramesh Babu doesn’t know the worth of Aik chutki sindoor, we didn’t really know the importance of Aik camouflage patch.

IMG_20210409_033019 Our boy Mo looking dapper in Yellow Army’s outfit :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Let’s hope for many such alterations in future to give Kings… sorry Super Kings (there are two Kings now, gotta be extra careful with skipping that Super) their long overdue makeover. For now, I’m more than happy with this. 7/10

1. Delhi Capitals

After years of experimenting with different jersey combinations, Capitals perfected their formula this IPL. There is a little room for improvement as I am more inclined towards old-fashioned collar or round neck but at this point that will simply be nitpicking.

Two shades of same colour combining with a second colour to give one spectacular uniform. Delhi did everything right that Mumbai did wrong. Bringing back the good ol’ red in more prominence & making upper section dark blue in tone was a call of genius, it provides the much needed contrast.

images (71)

It’s a super smooth look, akin to an unusually calm ocean, you just gaze upon it & it relaxes your eyes. Three tigers in middle, the emblem of Capitals, are well-integrated too. Kinda wish JSW logo wasn’t there, but it’s mandatory, so no qualms about it either. A reminiscent in both look & elegance of Sri Lanka’s outstanding kits in WC '14, '15 & '19, three of the best ever jerseys to ever exist in universe. 8.5/10

Nayi Dilli ki nayi jersey, kya mast maal hai bidu!

To Delhi’s kit designers I just gotta say this:


psl bettr than ipl

It’s not a comparison between leagues, just the jerseys.

Rajastan’s training jersey is lit. For me it tops all the others

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It’s breathtaking, no doubt in that. Not just you, most of the fans have been preferring that over others. Maybe, it’s just me & a bunch who think Delhi’s has better cohesiveness.

well that’s right too

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