Ranking ODI kits of all full members - Worst to Best

12. West Indies

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worldcricketstore/Cricket West Indies

From a neat and subtle World Cup 2019 design to this, which looks less like a jersey and more like the sleeveless sweater that’s worn above the actual jersey, how the mighty have fallen! Maroon in the middle has been made too light, combined with dark sleeves and that unneeded yellow line, it looks like two different kits, not one, and don’t get me started on that hideous neck design, which is akin more to a strangulation device than a neck hole. I’m surprised West Indies players are able to breathe in that thing. Maybe switching to Castore from BLK wasn’t such a good decision after all.

2019 World Cup kit
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11. Zimbabwe

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If it’s any consolation to Zimbo boys, their kit ranking is better than their ODI ranking. While not too bad aesthetically, it looks full-on generic, a copy/paste design from Cricket 19’s kit creator. Wish they would use other colours as green, black and gold from their logo to finally get rid of red and yellow they have stuck with for too long now.

2003 & 2007 uniforms, when Zimbabwe jerseys were more than just red, yellow

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10. Pakistan

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There’s no question a dark green jersey could be done well, Pakistan, South Africa & Bangladesh have done it in past. Problem with Pakistan’s present ODI jersey is, it’s too busy, there is green, there is yellow, there is white, there is darker shade of green, there are overshadowing logos. To top all of that, there is the terribly uninspired crescent and star design at front, which is the main culprit. Why can’t Pakistan go back to the good ol’ days of lighter green shade that looked slick with minimal patterning?

I would name this alternate WC '17 kit the best Pakistani kit of recent times without thinking twice

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9. India

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First time since 2010, India were going to bring a newer tone for their kit’s colour, excitement levels were peaking right until the very moment of official reveal. Getting a glimpse, excitement went down as quick as Unmukt Chand’s cricket career.


Shikhar Dhawan Twitter/MPL


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Not quite the monstrosity now it was at the time of unveiling, having that huge MPL emblem with white background. Indian kit still hasn’t improved a great deal, MPL went transparent but that huge-ass BYJU’S is still there to obliterate jersey’s appearance. Lack of BYJU’S is why 1992 kit looked great and this doesn’t.

A world without BYJU’S

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8. Australia

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Australia haven’t changed their One-Day kit since WC '19 culminated. Well, technically they did, for a three-match series that got abandoned after first due to Covid, then reverted to old one, added Qantas in place of Australia (because Qantas never crashed) and called it a day.

Cricket Australia/ICC

It’s a damn shame because that '99 retro kit was selected through a comprehensive fan-poll process and was greatly anticipated for an year. The current one is too empty, like most of Australia. You see it in 2-3 matches, its blandness starts oozing out, it gets stale on your eyes. Funny thing it’s by same ASICS who did the original '99 World Cup jersey.

What we could’ve had if there was no Corona Virus… or Cricket Australia weren’t dumbasses enough to dump it after one match

Getty Images/Cricket Australia

Getty Images/Cricket Australia


7. New Zealand

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Like Australia, New Zealand also are still utilising their World Cup kit from 2 years ago. Like Australia, New Zealand also brought back their retro kit (1998-2000), only to ditch it after one match (like Australia). New Zealand have always had the advantage of having black attire, which is the most graceful colour when it comes to clothing. That precisely is why their uniform doesn’t look ugly but there’s no denying it’s gotten boring now. Even a jersey with world’s best clothing colour can only take you so far when it’s plain.

This should return. And it must return POST-HASTE!




6. England

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ECB/ New Balance Clothing

Wow. What a neat looking jersey, colour is so soothing too… wait… there’s more… What? What’s that? HORROR!

Those dark blue trousers, that for some godforsaken reason are customary outside of ICC events with England kits as of late. I wish some hero would burn all their existing stock and all future stock’s raw material so we could return to those that match the jersey like this;

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England are always weird with whatever they do, whether it’s the commencement of The Hundred, exclusion of Alex Hales, not reporting Michael Vaughan’s Twitter account, hosting ICC events or imposing of these bizarre dressing rules (yeah, world tournaments have to feel special but why at the cost of normal ODIs treated like an afterthought?). An annoying, useless rule that wrecks the aesthetic cohesion of kit.

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5. South Africa

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South Africa are the third team in list to be using their World Cup kit, and just as previous two, it isn’t anything special either. New Balance usually hit the sweet spot with their kit manufacturing, they have produced many gems.

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Cricket South Africa

Inzi; You seein’ that shit, Sourav? Why them African blokes wearing our kit?
Ganguly; Haha, ikr?
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This South African kit like Australia’s is just way too empty, the sleeve design of modern camouflage is delightful, if it was not used so sparsely, the jersey could’ve been delightful wholly. New Balance brought their jersey game down for World Cup, should’ve been the other way around.

That’s what NB’s A-game looks like

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4. Afghanistan

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Nice kit, Afghan bros. I have no reservations with it, maybe bring upwards that sponsor logo a notch. It’s a decent jersey. Though, I would like Afghanistan to choose a different hue as their primary colour, blue in today’s cricket landscape is overused. How about the grey that they had or some other from their flag or a mix of those? Would be a pleasant change to have a uniform of unique colour scheme.

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3. Sri Lanka

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Islanders’ kit provider, MAS Holdings is the top kit maker in the cricket world at the moment, giving companies like NB & Nike a run for their money. However, going the NB way, they have adopted the approach of severely downgrading their apparel in non-ICC tournament matches, although their downgrades are 10x better than NB’s.

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Present Sri Lankan kit, whilst nothing in comparison with the magnum opus that earlier one from 2019 World Cup was, manages to stand on its own. It’s good, obviously. It could’ve been better, definitely.

World Cup 2019 away and home jerseys

Sri Lanka Cricket/MAS Holdings/ICC

Sri Lanka Cricket/MAS Holdings/ICC

tenor (3)


2. Ireland

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Ireland’s uniform is the prime example of how to do a neat kit right. Just a tiny alteration of replacing MPL main logo has elevated it immensely, goes on to show how far the little changes go.

The travesty it was before vs how the turntables
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The sophistication it exudes, it looks like a proper One Day International kit people would expect from a sport called ‘Gentleman’s Game’. The colour variation on T20 kit is even better, would be awesome to see it in action in ODIs someday as there’s always room for further refinement.

T20I Uniform
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On a scale from 1999 Scotland to 2011 India, how amazing is that kit?

2007 Australia amazing.

Bangladesh jersey, that was introduced to mark the celebrations of country’s golden jubilee of independence and 100th birthday of nation’s father, Mujib-ur-Rahman (not the Afghan spinner). The initial design wasn’t that charming (BEXIMCO was way too big if you’re trying to guess) but as it’s typically the case, it evolved to be so (daraz ain’t no saint but it doesn’t overshadow jersey).

Initial design

Bangladesh Cricket Board

Bangladesh are using 2 ODI jerseys on home and away basis. Their home jersey is nowhere close to the class away jersey possesses, because (i) there is too much going on (ii) the red wave colliding with button strip gives it an amateurish appearance (iii) the tiger head doesn’t blend at all with remainder of kit.

Home kit (1)


Getty Images/Bangladesh Cricket Instagram

The only positive about it is the use of less opaque green, the opposite of which is one of the major reasons why away kit is ranked #1. Pulling off sportswear that’s prominently dark green, is incredibly hard.

Getty Images/Cricket Zimbabwe



Pakistan :pakistan: should be higher.

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