Rozi Ustad, Pakistan's first female truck artist. A homeless woman with self-perceived strengths

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Minister and social rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. once said;
“If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run then walk if you can’t walk then crawl but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” And that’s what Rozi Khan did.

Rozi, whose actual name is Rozina Naz, is a truck artist. She has been running a paint shop in Khilji Market, at the New Truck Adda on the edges of Karachi, for the beyond six years. Yet, she has been in this profession for 17 years at this point, since her first spouse kicked the bucket. “With him out of the picture, I was avoided with no choice except to venture about the house. Furthermore, I am pleased that I picked work over begging.”

She got going with gathering disposed of metal pieces. She would meander around engine studios and think that they are littered there. It helped enough so she could take care of her daughter one time per day.

“I realized that I didn’t need to work like this for my entire life. I was searching for better freedoms, and when Ustad Gul Khan extended to me an employment opportunity of painting vehicles, I joyfully acknowledged it.” Rozi has a God-gifted ability: she is exceptional at drawing. In her extra energy at the studio, she would draw figures. Also, individuals loved them; they would come dependent upon her and inquire as to whether she could draw them their photos. She would, yet only here and there did they like to see themselves through her eyes.

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“Then, at that point, I met Ustad Jhoolay Laal, who showed me the specialty of the pen. I was certain that I had discovered my bearing, so I went through day and night in dominating it. Also, I feel that I have a long way to go.”

She said that when she required assistance, her family members didn’t go to her guide. “Furthermore, when they saw me venturing into the truck adda, they began debilitating me with 'a lady ought not to be doing this and ‘don’t go there’ — things like that.” But she couldn’t have cared less. “I have consistently enjoyed these stanzas: ‘Na dar manzil ki doori say, qadam aagay barhaata ja; bharosa rakh Rab ki zaat per, qismat aazmaata ja.’ [Don’t be debilitated by the distance of your objective, continuing to push ahead; have confidence in God, as you continue to attempt your luck.] They don’t allow me to stop. I even advise this to others to empower them in their tough situations.”

With her obligation to work, Rozi has now procured the title of ‘Ustad’ among her peers. She gets a kick out of the chance to wear men’s garments and act commonly like them. In any case, she continues attempting to rouse the ladies asking in the city to work. “They rationalize that they feel bashful. Liars! In reality, they would prefer not to work.” At 38 years old, Rozi has truly established herself, yet she doesn’t bring insufficient cash. Be that as it may, she is glad to have offered her girl, bearing all the wedding costs and getting herself a 70cc bike in portions.

“At times I separate when I contemplate my child [from her second marriage].” She said he works at a welding shop since they can’t bear to send him to school. “I’m the second era of my family battling destitution,” she said, clarifying that her folks had relocated from Delhi during Partition, leaving all that they had behind, and got comfortable Lahore, where she conceived.

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“I was only a newborn child when my folks moved to Karachi. I considered until matric at an administration school in Korangi and afterward I was offered.” The difficulties that Rozi has suffered might not have broken her soul, however, they have, obviously, adversely affected her appearance. Brandishing a cap over a keffiyeh dropping down her head, she might resemble a Native American spruced up in shalwar kameez. In any case, her voice parts with her.

Regardless of her hard life, she cherishes her work. “I appreciate this is because that is the thing that I can do. To make it simple, I pay attention to Atif Aslam’s music.”

“Every road leads somewhere; all we need to do is walk in the right direction,” says Rozi Khan. A passionate and motivational example of women’s empowerment.

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Women like her are true example of women’s empowerment. This shows, women can come out from their homes and work neck to neck with males without getting criticized. Much respect for her.


Appreciated!! :heart::heart:
Salute to those who prefer work over beggary.

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