Scientists have discovered the reason of the mysterious radio waves which were coming from the space

Astronomers have discovered for the first time mysterious radio waves and their source inside our galaxy, which is expected to help solve a major mystery in the universe.

According to a joint research report by the US space agency NASA and other space research institutes, these powerful radio waves or fast radio bursts (FRBs) are generated in a very short time for about a few seconds.

Ever since scientists first learned about these waves a decade ago, it has been a mystery where these mysterious waves actually come from.

Until now, scientists had known about the waves coming from outside our galaxy, but on April 28 this year, the telescopes of the observatories of other countries, including NASA, saw for the first time the clear fast radio burst radio waves coming from our own galaxy.

The most important thing about this incident is that the scientists have also found out where these waves are coming from.

According to the report, the source of these waves was the powerful magnetic neutron star SGR (1935 + 2154).

These neutron stars have a very strong magnetic force and have been the first to be suspected of such mysterious radio waves, and now scientists have for the first time observed these waves emanating from a magnetic neutron star.

According to Christopher, an American astronomer on the research team, the magnetic star emitted as much energy in milliseconds as our sun’s radio waves do in 30 seconds.

Christopher says the strength of the FRB waves in our galaxy is similar to that of waves from other galaxies, and that these radio waves come in at about 10,000 a day. However, such powerful waves had been seen before in 2007.

Paul Scholes, another Canadian researcher involved in the study, said the scene of the FRB waves was very bright and we had never seen such a thing before. We have been reading about magnetic stars for decades, while FRB waves are an extraordinary phenomenon of the universe, the original source of which has been a mystery, but this incident shows that there must be some connection between these waves and magnetic stars.

There has been a lot of speculation about FBR waves, and these waves have been attributed to signals from space creatures in another galaxy.

According to a report published in the scientific journal Nature, a magnetic star is being monitored in China through a 500-meter-wide telescope.

According to NASA, the evidence for the relationship between FRB waves and a magnetic star will only become stronger when experts can see these waves emanating from a magnetic star from another galaxy and occur in a galaxy closest to our galaxy. Therefore, the latest satellites and telescopes of other countries, including NASA, are constantly monitored in space.