Sindh Government’s role in Google maps

The Sindh government is helping Google. This strange claim was made by Sindh Minister Taimur Talpur in the Sindh Assembly session.

Minister for Science and Information Technology Taimur Talpur had made a shocking claim in the Sindh Assembly session yesterday that the routes being shown on Google Map have been developed by the Sindh government.

Well you don’t believe? Check this video and hear it yourself.

Discussing about Sindh’s traffic management system, the IT minister stated that, FM channel has been set up by Sindh government to handle traffic, and the citizens can refer to that channel when they are stuck in traffic. He further added that the red and white lines shown on google map for traffic has been developed by Sindh government and google is also benefiting from their system . He asked opposition members that they should utilize this service as well.

Well if that’s true than Sindh government should be appreciated for this great service.
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I don’t think so … But if then it’s really a very great effort

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Yess. Although its hard to digest🙈