Sindhi Writer Accused of Blasphemy,people demand Arrest


The renowned sindhi writer and columnist,Amar Jaleel has been accused of blasphemy for his speech at the 2017 Sindh Literature Festival.

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This is not acceptable
This is Amar Jaleel, fiction story writer and columnist. He has uttered blasphemous words against the Majesty of Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ & Prophets of Allah ﷺ Which is unendurable. We urge everyone to boycott this man completely and Arrest him.#ArestAmarZaleel

— Ali Khan Qadri Ashrafi (@Alikhan_QA) March 29, 2021

Thousands of tweets were posted against Amar Jaleel on monday.People are demanding an arrest.


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I don’t know much but it is only Pakistan where people are punished for blasphemy, and there you can easily accuse someone and murder them no one will take action against you, really this is what Islam teaches us? Where are we going towards?:woman_facepalming:t4::pensive:

Totally agree with you!!!

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In Pakistan, if you want someone to get out of your way or to take revenge, accuse him of blasphemy. Not intending to hurt anyone’s sentiments but we have become extremists who whenever want kill anybody for being insulting to Islam without doing a proper investigation.

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Here everybody thinks highly and pious of himself, believes others are nothing but some worthless creatures who deserve to die because he thinks they should be strip out of their life while ignoring all the rules and commands to follow before taking anybody’s life.


Absolutely right!!

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But you should’ve clicked on the link in the article. He really did say things which are extremely insolent and blasphemous. He should be held accountable for his act.

Yes,everyone do think quite highly about themselves but this guy right here literally said things which are unacceptable. I mean Exalted is Allah,this sindhi man really did say blasphemous things and he should be ashamed of himself and he should be held accountable.