Single National Curriculum Grade 5 and Oxford Grade 1 book covers trigger keyboard worriers. What's your take on it?


Punjab Government and Ministry of Federal Education under the initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan have declared to carry out the Single National Curriculum (SNC) in all Public, Private Schools and Deeni Madaris of Punjab beginning August 2, 2021, under the vision of one system of Education for all. However, this vision confronted numerous hindrances since other provinces refused to follow one single educational plan.

Implementation notice of Single National Curriculum by Government of Punjab

Recently, Oscar-winning filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid shared a picture of a grade 5 English textbook on her Instagram stories and wrote,

“And this is the lesson we are teaching our children: What do you see?”

She criticized the Single National Curriculum by saying;

“Grade 1 is a 4-5-year-old. What are we telling to our girls? Those who designed these textbooks should be held responsible.”

Picture shared by Sharmeen on her Instagram

The Single National Curriculum Grade 5 book cover shows a mother and a daughter sitting on the floor and the father and the son are sitting on the couch. They tried to differentiate between the rich and the poor in a misogynistic way. It’s not about who is sitting on the floor and who is sitting elsewhere, it’s about the message they are trying to convey by illustrations.

On the other hand, in the Oxford Progressive English Grade 1 book cover, we can see a woman and girl sitting on the floor while the boy playing video games sitting on the chair. What is Oxford sincerely attempting to lecture? Isn’t it man centric society being advanced by them? The best way to annihilate a country without war is by altering its attitude.

Oxford Progressive English grade 1 book cover

We as a whole are subjected to a perpetual stream of misinformation around as and when we get this information so frequently, that a large portion of us have no other decision than to acknowledge it. What’s your interpretation of it? Is it an issue of conversation? Let us know in the comment section below.


We are decades behind mentally, why we always need to get approval from West to prove that we are/can also be right!

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We shouldnt be talking about who gets the chair or who gets the floor. The main point the level of knowledge they are trying to preach through this course. Anyone notice the chapters? barely any scientific knowledge. Why our education ministers dont understand that we need to become scinectifally competent. We are way too much behind from world.

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This is another conversation with a mass! Surely we are far behind because of lack of scientific information.