Six killed in gun attack on passenger bus in Gilgit

According to the details, the passenger bus was on its way when unidentified armed men opened fire on it near the Niltar Pine area of Gilgit. Resultantly, six passengers were killed on the spot.

After being informed, police and rescue officials rushed to the scene and shifted the bodies and the injured to the hospital.

Police said that the passenger coach was on its way to Niltar Bala when unidentified armed men stopped the vehicle and opened indiscriminate fire on it. Meanwhile, heavy contingents of police and security forces reached the area and launched a search operation to apprehend the suspects.

The motive behind the attack is yet to be ascertained.


Bad news of the day​:cry: Ya Allah give sabar to their families :disappointed_relieved:aameen :cry:

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Great loss to their family may Allah grant them patience :broken_heart::two_hearts:and grant those attackers Hidayah :no_mouth:

This barbarism needs to end. Where is law enforcement and security agencies? These people who are our people! Are being sliced like vegetables.