Social Media Got Flooded With Memes After Pakistan Banned Social Media Sites

Access to Social media has been blocked in Pakistan after the government temporarily blocked several social media platforms in the country on Friday until 3 pm without citing any particular reason.

It is said that the followers of far-right Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) have blocked roads as a part of their protests that started on Monday. They want the government to fulfill its earlier promise of expelling the French Ambassador by April 20, news agency IANS reported.

Meanwhile there was a flood of memes by pakistani memers on social media after or during the social lockdown.
Most of them used the alternative to use social media sites.

However the Internet and mobile service is still disrupted in major cities of pakistan.

What was your experience during this social lockdown?



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Hahahah m ultra legend mujhe to pata b nahi ta q k humare already 3dino se data signls offf ty

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Sim p data abhi nae na chal raha?

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Nai aj 6:20 pe data signls on hogaiii abhi kam krty hai lkn pechly 3 din se band ty …

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And then there are legends jo so kr he 3 bjy uthy :joy::joy: wesy insta chl raha tha :sweat_smile:

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Didn’t even realise. I left all the social media for good, just keep a subtle presence on insta, that too I log into once in a blue moon. I now have peace of mind.

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Mujhe to abhi pata chla k esa b kuch hua tha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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