Society in shambles; Two children in Punjab rape a girl child younger than them


What the hell has happened to our society? Every other person seems to have become a lustful monster waiting for an opportunity to let his monstrosity out. That dire situation has gotten so out of control that now the children aren’t exempt from it even. The deep-rooted contagion is hollowing our morality roots worse than the coronavirus pandemic affecting humankind.

Lodhran, Punjab: In a recent mortifying news addition piling on the plethora of news already radiating mortification, two minor boys, 12 and 13, have raped a 4-year-old girl by taking her to a secluded place in nearby fields. They lured her into trap by promising crisps from local utility shop. Toddler victim was shifted to hospital where she’s undergoing treatment for her injuries and evaluation for legal report.


Among the juvenile felons, one has been arrested while other is in hiding, Lodhran Police told media he too shall be placed in cuffs very soon. With a surge in sex/harassment related crimes like never seen before, District Police Officer, Abdul Rauf Baber, has urged the citizens to remain vigilant and report offences of such nature to law post-haste.


Seriously shameless :expressionless::frowning: chote chote bachayy ab aise kaam krrhe.

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This happens when adults do mental gymnastics to justify sexual predators, children obviously get the message such acts are acceptable from that.

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