Some Fun Facts about girls and boys!

Who do you think has some quality traits? Boys or girls?
Girls are scientifically proven to be more mature than same-age guys. Girls can multi-task, whereas guys do not do it or very few do it. Most of the time they choose not to do anything. Girls are also proven better drivers. They can withstand more pain, are much better counselors, deal more effectively in a crisis, better advisors, all-around excellent negotiators, and pretty much excel in much more things than the arrogant male who still thinks physical strength is all you need. Women are a higher, more advanced, mature, and confident race. You have possibly seen this, but women can touch each other much more freely and comfortably. Boys have much stronger personal barriers, and one can easily get in a debate and fight if he messes up with the wrong guy. This also happens even if the person makes eye contact for too long.

1. Can boys do Makeup?
I’m not sure if this is a positive or negative, but yeah, in today’s society, it is against the “rules” or taken as something really bad if a man puts on makeup. Girls can willingly use several kinds of cosmetic products to enhance their beauty, or which may be making life so much easier. The new trends in the fashion industry have brought men to do everything just like a woman. Now, I see men of this time doing makeup and hairstyling and whatnot.

2. Guys Have a Limited Wardrobe:
If you take a close look at any man’s wardrobe, you will see the impressive variety of clothing, they choose to wear. Men cannot do this. They have mostly blue jeans, a few pairs of pants, a shirt, a t-shirt, sneakers, and dress boots. That’s it.

3. Girls can look Tall whenever they want:
If you are a guy, you might have come to terms with your height at an early age since there was simply nothing you could do to fix it. So it is easy for them to compensate for this.

4. Girls have maternal Instinct:
Some new researches have put forward that women have a nearly instant reaction to a baby’s crying. While men in some situations pay no attention to the crying at all. This is one of the main genetic differences between the sexes.

5. Who keeps the Long Hair: Boys or Girls?
This one is not as forbidden as it was in the past, but still, you might have noticed that most girls (over 90%) used to have long hair, for guys it was just a small percentage but now the trend has completely changed. I see of the girls in short hair and the guys they like to keep the long hairs. Social media explains it all.


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