Some funny and unique celebrations in cricket

1.tabraiz shamsi

The Boot-call

We witnessed it today too during T 20 match between Pakistan and south africa. The celebration alongwith the match summary :point_down: :joy:

The bus driver

Masked magician

images - 2021-04-11T014841.225

Magic wand


2. Running imran tahir
This one is witnessed by Pakistanis during PSL matches each year :sweat_smile:

3.Crawling Panyangara

4.Shahid Afridi’s Mr. X celebration

5. Sheldon Cottrell’s salute celebration

6. The chainsaw celebration of Brett lee

7.Shoaib akhtar’s chicken dance

8.The generator celebration by Hasan Ali

9.Champion dance by chris gayle, dwayne Bravo and others

10.The Shirtless Run by Andrew Flintoff, Sourav Ganguly

What’s your favourite of these? Have you got more? Share below!


Meme of the day :joy:


To me Kesrick Williams’ is the funniest :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: When he got a taste of his own medicine from Fletcher, that was pure rofl moment :rofl:

Part of reason why I love simple celebrations, they don’t make you look like a fool on your bad day. Akhtar’s flying aeroplane #1.

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Ahhhh yess!! Missed it :woman_facepalming:

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Ain’t no big deal. Your compilation is hilarious enough to stand on its own, missing one isn’t a significant exclusion.

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Shoaib akhtar’s chicken dance :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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hahaha hilarious :joy:

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This was new to me too :joy:

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Most weirdest of all times is of West Indians.

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