Some Lessons We Need To Learn


  • Do not stay available for a person every second of every
    day. You need to focus on your own life, your career, your
    personality. Keep them with you forever. People will keep
    coming and going from your life, but you will have to stay with
    you, so make sure that your future is bearable.

  • Time is really precious, don’t waste it. On a person or a
    thing. Make the most of the time you have right now.

  • Keep up with your self respect, do not ever let it down,
    and never in front of a person. If you do so, that person will
    lose all the respect for you. Keep your respect in your own

  • Karma comes back to you in this life, so make sure that
    you don’t hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally

  • The way we accept people, we have to be accepted in the
    same way.

  • You can never forget someone, but after a while it stops
    creating an impact on your heart and mind. Hence,

  • Give time the time to heal you. I am sure you will feel