Sometimes it's okay to press Pause

You know how they say “Ignorance is a bliss”
Now I know why
As we grow up and start entering our adult life we realize what a burden this life really is. We get to know that world is a scary place. These realizations and disappointments lead us to reminisce all those childhood days we spent; ignorant to the harsh realities of life.
It was all good when we were oblivion to the struggles of our parents. The struggles they had to make with life whether they were emotional struggles or financial struggles. When we didn’t have to look deep into their tired eyes and worry about growing wrinkles around them. We didn’t have to ponder what life really does to you towards the end, no matter how hard you work to make it better.
It was all good when we used to stand in front of the mirror and acted like we were in a performance show by singing or dancing and giggling, instead of standing idly in front of it just to find flaws in ourselves and our bodies. Instead of seeing a reflection of a beautiful body that we have, we start reflecting on our tiresome day where we couldn’t meet all the goals we set the day before, because we were too tired of the same monotonous routine.
It was all good when we didn’t have to worry about the next part of the life, deciding on what to do to make something of ourselves, more than enjoying the present. At the end I think we’re all trying to make everything of ourselves, but happy. Or maybe we are doing everything to make our last part of the life happy but who says tomorrow is promised? Who says we’ll live to see THAT part. We don’t also realize that in that part, most of our joy would come from sitting with our loved ones telling them the tales about the happy moments of our youth and telling THEM to live every moment to the fullest. Telling them that there will be struggles and there will be worrisome times, but that shouldn’t stop them from taking out time for themselves. That shouldn’t stop them to press the pause button to everything and just enjoy the silence of the universe. Because at the end everyone needs to press that pause. For once and for good…