Stop Suicide.You are Not Alone

Suicide aik kam kro Karlo. What was the harm right? I mean u think all my problems go away?
I mean you think thats the end right?I mean you have all the right to take the life away ALLAH gave you?
Itne virtues (naikiyan)tou hugi K Allah Maaf kr dein gy ?How do you even think of that?
Thappar lagau Aik?

I myself was one of those who did think that to killing myself would be the solution to all the problems ?its all gonna make it worse!I always used to and still do visit three places if i ever got thought of killing myself :point_left:

People have died Nd they cant change shit about themselves .No more.Times up ! I am Alive.I can change it !!! :heart:

    People are about to die.They know its the end.They cant help it.They cant get out of there beds and Rush to fix anything they could not do it right.c
    I am healthy,I am young.I can do it !!! :heart:

  2. Prison

    These people sinned big and they got caught and they know the punishment is up ahead.They cant rewind time fix it !
    i did not get caught by Allah yet. I can ask forgiveness and say sorry and fix myself.I can do it.
    Mama Baaba always said this And raises their daughter

     Hmesha dosro ki pareshayanian dekhna tmhe apne pareshaniyan kam lgeingi. 

Aur aisa hi hai.
Allah Will not burden you than what u cannot bare.
Dear U can do it.
Aisy kaisy Give Up? :roll_eyes:
Getting suicide is not a solution .Dont give up.Dont lose heart . :100:
Its all planned up there!!! :heart:
Stop Stressing it Out! :pray:
Leave your matter To HIM . :point_up:


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This one :joy::heart:

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Yeah well said :blush::clap:

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Beshak Allah Pak insan k sane se zyda use ni azmata but in this era generation thinks that suicide is the easy solution of ever problem but actual problem starts after suicide your family have to gave answer what you happened and after that you have to gave answer who creates you mout ka waqt murar ha …


Hahahah they really need a slap​:joy::joy:
You make the topic very interesting dear…so creative :clap::clap: and…someone might really need. The motivation…thankyou for this​:heart::heart::heart:

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Beautifully humane initiative.

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thanx love :slight_smile: Hope it works :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Phr kia kru lga du?

Haha it’s really well written!
Keep it up larkii… :revolving_hearts::tada::revolving_hearts:

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In Sha Allah​:heart::heart:

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:joy: :joy:. :joy:. Nice

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