Students Being Bullied

BULLYING IS when a student causes another student to feel less safe, fearful, or like they are unable to participate in school. Bullying, often involves an imbalance of power, and can include physical, verbal, or psychological actions against a student. Bullying can also happen through communications, including social media.

Bullying Can appear in different Forms-!

  • Physical Bullying
  • Emotional Bullying
  • verbal Bullying
  • Racist Bullying
  • sexual Bullying
  • cyber Bullying


Various Forms to Prevent bullying in schools-!

  • Talk about Bullying
  • Be visible throughout the Day
  • Empower students Bystandards
  • Keep your ear to the Ground
  • Maintain open communication
  • keep close eye on the situation
  • speak with bully separately
  • Respond Quickly to bullying
  • Build community
  • Speak with the victim separately
  • Be an anti-bullying advocate
  • Increase bullying awareness among parents



Bullying makes student psychologically ill.

Agree. And it can lead to low self-esteem and sucide🥺

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Yes that is true

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I don’t know why people do it but …bullying makes a person want to hide …I hope students of this generation would quit this rude practice! great topic btw

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It is one of the foremost issues which young people face in the society, specifically schools. The bully does not care about the feelings of the other person and in the process of teasing he/she gets carried away. This causes the victim to get demotivated, feel worthless, feel hatred towards others and can become suicidal. Say NO to bullying !! Just a small constructive criticism… you defined the term bullying only in school context at the start instead of starting with the broader meaning of bullying. Overall, Nicely explained :clap::clap:

Bullying so extreme noxious to the minds :neutral_face:

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Absolutely Agree
Thank You komal❣️

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You’re always welcome :heart:

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i"ll try my Best Next time In Sha Allah.
Thank You misbah❣️

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Nevertheless it is a good article :clap: good luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:

That’s true.Bullying can leave a life long impact on you.

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This issue has extremely detrimental impacts on the minds of students. It must be checked and controlled at both micro and macro levels.

Absolutely agree
Thank You Bilal❣️

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I must appreciate your choice of topic and indeed it kills the student from inside.

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Thank You Rubab❣️

Prioritize the interests and capabilities of your children and don’t make them suffer under your own shadow

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Never Abuse Child and never Humiliate.!