Students' Protest

In some cities of Pakistan, there’s protest by students due to taking exams, they are demanding to take their exams online or cancel their exams, they have reason due to online classes they have right now online exams.


Strange! What they are thinking actually about the education system! Youth is our asset and what our youth is doing strange! Means they need doctors without papers and preparation! It will never happens

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Both are right on their sides but the thing is that there’s no any positive communication between both entities, that’s why it’s happening, what students are doing, doesn’t suit them and what education system is doing not applicable.

Students should understand the situation! They have a lot of time. Those who even study in online system, what happened to them if papers will not be conducted. Where their hard work will go??? So to blame government is totally ignorance. We have to tackle with the situation. They forget indeed they will get the marks of two years by giving the paper of one year. Ever happened yet???

You are saying right, but you know how much people are strictly following SOP’s so, they should announced first to give vaccine for students of 9th to 2nd year, life is more important than anything else and how much #Covid is spreading we all known.

Vaccine is launched from 19 to onwards so i think all can avail it now

Bro u seems adult and i m sure u will understand what they are asking now, Delay the Exams. Actually total 45 days of physical class and what about govt institutions who didn’t get online classes.!!!

Bhai govt kq bacha ap private walo sa ziada nmb lan ga or hamesha sa lata ay han qka wo gareeb ghro ka hota hn or zima dar hota hn wo chuttio ma b prhta han so ap un ki tense na lo jinhu na 1.5 saal ma kuch ni prha syllabus b short ho gia wo 2 months ma 3 months ma kon sa alim ban jayn ga

You are right in your point of view because I teach govt students and they didn’t attend their online classes due to many issues.

Registration is open now but not vaccination