Success changes people. What do you think?

Success has the power to transform you as an individual. Success carries with it a sense of accomplishment that motivates people. It can make you selfish, develop a workaholic mentality, and bring arrogance and selfishness into your life, which can hinder your progress.
When people succeed in finding better job and excelling in their careers, they think and behave differently. Their lifestyle changes for the better as a result of their success. Even a small amount of success motivates people to strive harder in order to achieve even greater success.
When a person’s performance goes over their heads, they can become overly proud, instilling pride and self-centered admiration for all the wrong reasons. When you have a lot of influence, you have a lot of responsibility.” And, if accountability isn’t taken seriously, success may breed arrogance. Because of his or her increased power, a person can become narcissistic. Because of his or her growing popularity, a singer can grow arrogant. The list goes on and on, but the end result is the same. Success will turn you into an arrogant person if you aren’t careful.


Success is what everyone wants but not everyone can be satisfied with …

success can make you more responsible or more arrogant. It is not a fact based thing but depends totally on your nature